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The Sacred Feminine line is more than just a series of disc golf discs; it's a commitment to upholding the sanctity and integrity of women's sports. With each purchase from this line, we contribute to the #FairwayFund, dedicated to financially supporting biological women who face disparities in competitive disc golf. This initiative is rooted in respect and unity—it is not about fostering division or targeting individuals who are eligible to compete under current rules. Instead, it seeks to enhance the disc golf community by providing financial solutions that elevate the spirit of fairness and inclusivity.

At Sacred Discs, our vision for the Sacred Feminine line and the #FairwayFund is to create a sustainable financial ecosystem that supports our athletes throughout the season and beyond. By enhancing the financial incentives within the female divisions, we aim to uplift the entire community, fostering a spirit of unity and positivity. Our hope is to expand these efforts, with the support of other groups, to offer broader payouts that acknowledge and reward the hard work and dedication of these athletes, thus strengthening our community through collective support and mutual respect.

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  • First Run Sacred Discs Seed Putter - Aroma Line
    First Run Sacred Discs Seed Putter - Aroma Line
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