First Run Sacred Discs Seed Putter - Aroma Line
First Run Sacred Discs Seed Putter - Aroma Line
First Run Sacred Discs Seed Putter - Aroma Line

First Run Sacred Discs Seed Putter - Aroma Line

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Introducing the Sacred Disc Seed, our first run prototype putter, A revolution in disc golf putters, infused with the essence of raw lavender. In this first run our goal was to bring to life not just a tool for the game but a putter created with intention and purpose. Our Aroma Line features raw herbs that have been recognized for centuries for their uplifting scents and divine medicinal purposes.

Our Lavender blend is known for promoting inner peace, devotion, and tranquility on and off the course.

Flight Numbers
2, 4, 0, 1

Comes in three different foils at random: White, Black, Purple.

Option to choose the soft blend or medium blend. The medium blend is the original Sacred Lavender Putter.

Key Features

  • Lavender Infusion: Infused with raw lavender, the Sacred Disc Seed is designed to uplift your spirit and promote a sense of calm and focus, essential for mastering your putting game.
  • Micro Bead Design: Experience enhanced grip and a clean release with the subtle micro bead on the rim.
  • Thin Flight Plate: The thin flight plate ensures a smooth and consistent flight, offering optimal glide and reliable stability.
  • Rounded Rim: Built to last, the rim's durable construction withstands the rigors of the course, our design provides a comfortable and secure grip with a non aggressive micro bead.

Lavender's Legacy

The aroma of Lavender is revered for its ability to uplift the spirit, promote inner peace, and aid in connecting to the Divine. Associated with devotion, grace, and tranquility, its hypnotic scent is especially beneficial for meditation and cleansing. From ancient Greece to Egypt, lavender has been used for medicinal purposes, in religious rituals, and as a symbol of eternal life.

Our Mission

We at Sacred Disc aim to enrich the sport of disc golf by creating a product line organically infused with an uplifting blend of sacred plants and minerals. The distinct aromas of our products allow you to build a deeper connection with nature while promoting overall health and wellness. We invite you to experience our products while enjoying the greatest game on earth.